Licorice, Flannery O’Connor and I did also get more Lysol wipes

I actually have no idea what a book launch day is supposed to look like. Maybe they are all like this?

I sat like a cat

The other day, at the end of the day, my book The Minister's Wife: a memoir of faith, doubt, friendship, loneliness, forgiveness and more, arrived. All the watching and waiting and drumming of my fingers on the table in the weeks prior did not make it arrive any sooner, as it turned out.

My giant zoom head with its terrible hair

Zoom is starting to remind me of going to get my hair cut. How you sit there for an hour or more, looking at yourself in the mirror, thinking about your stupid hair.

I cannot read through a pandemic

Once, when I was a kid, my sister burst into my bedroom and yelled at me that my room was on fire. I had placed a rabbit puppet on top of my nightside table reading lamp, and there it smoldered as I read on, page after page, completely oblivious to my burning and beloved toy.

This morning I sat and listened

Brent either leads or participates in Morning Prayer via Zoom most mornings, usually sitting at one end of our dining room table. I have joined in, but this morning I read the paper instead.

I don’t think I’ll be building birdhouses

I don't think I'll be learning macrame, or another language, or finally learning how to build a birdhouse during this time of being set apart and locked up and locked down.

Our neighbours are definitely having more fun

The other night I drifted off to sleep with our neighbour's party music in one ear and Brent murmuring "The global death toll has now reached 10,000," in the other. I think our neighbours are definitely having more fun.

Will I be a good pandemic wife and mother? I doubt it.

Even though I did just cut up a cantaloupe into bite sized pieces -- which is a bit of work, actually -- and placed the tiny bits into two matching bowls, and sprinkled them with kosher salt and cinnamon (who knows, really, how this will actually taste?), as a kind of surprise dessert, I am worried at how I will pull through for my family.

We write better when we are not alone

Last week I was in Winnipeg with Patricia, my writing buddy and co-author of Craft, Cost & Call: How to Build a Life as a Christian Writer. We visited Providence College & Seminary and spoke and shared with writing students in an afternoon class.

Heads boiled like cabbages

Yesterday I read The Minister's Wife: A memoir of faith, doubt, friendship, loneliness, forgiveness and more one last time, every word, each sentence, every scene, each stumbling thought.

Shades of Light

With her newest book Shades of Light, Sharon Garlough Brown paints a picture of mental health challenges, anxiety, depression, grief and ultimately the hope and community and friendship she writes about so well.

Craft, Cost & Call: How to Build a Life as a Christian Writer

Written with co-author Patricia Paddey, this new book is our love letter to writers.


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