Best Letter to the Editor Ever

Today I was in the Faith Today offices to record our very first webinar. Very fun. The best part though was the thick, creamy envelope waiting for me there. At first, when I saw it was addressed to me and felt how plump it was, my heart sank. What could I have done wrong enough to fill up several pages?

When I realized it was from a writer who had recently done a feature for us, I felt puzzled as well as panic. I opened it and quickly flipped to near the end of the handwritten (!) letter to get to the bad stuff right away. The first couple of pages had warm-up feel. But it just got warmer and warmer.

Here was a writer who appreciated being edited. Who welcomed input and embraced the challenge of making her sentences soar. Who bloomed when I told her she was a writer worth working with/for. Wow. I’m blown away and touched that my writer-friend sat down and wrote a letter, and actually mailed it! With a stamp! Through the mail!This is nothing about me, this is all about her and her generousity. There’s just so much nasty and ego and snippy snappy out there, and often from where you would least expect it. But today, I was surprised in the other way. Sweet.


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