All the Fun to be had at the Canadian Church Press Conference

Last week I attended the Canadian Church Press conference, meeting with the Associated Church Press in downtown Toronto.

Day one, I unintentionally broke into a parkade with my debit card, later spent 20 nervous, sweaty moments trying to find my van that had appeared to leap levels,  then faced the wrath of the parking lot attendant to get out again.  Day two I took the Go-Train in, arrived at the hotel and immediately had to retreat into the washroom to hem my pants. I ooze professionalism.

Between those near-calamities, we explored objectivity in journalism (doesn’t really exist), attended a roundtable on fact-checking (nice to have, seldom happens), and heard fascinating Nora Young of CBC explore how to thrive in the “coming data boom.” Faith Today won several awards, including a third prize for my Terribly Awkward Interview moments in the blog category. What that win reminded me is that people respond well to real. And slightly ridiculous.

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