Launch, lunch and laugh

A few weeks ago, Patricia Paddey (my writing partner) and I, had the fun of attending a World Vision chapel service. We were interviewed briefly about Shifting Stats, our book published by World Vision. It was fun to see Patty (that doesn’t happen often enough); and it was really enjoyable to chat about the book, our process and what we learned. Then we had a fun lunch with the team behind the book.

Sometimes writers are going from project to project in a rush, like going from store to store in frantic Christmas shopping. But taking the time to celebrate is essential. That doesn’t happen enough either. They even presented us with beautiful bouquets that were quite stunning. I was heading away for a couple of weeks quickly after so my flower arrangement made its way to our church for more people to enjoy. As I placed the flowers there, it occurred to me that the church is where they should be anyway — because that’s the true celebration of this book.

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