My new site

No, no, no, silly. That is not me blowing bubbles leaning against the car in my cool plaid shirt. But it is me in spirit. I love the lightness and the joy reflected by my new website’s cover image. It’s fun. That is what writing is to me a good portion of the time.  It is joy. Even when it’s work. Even when at the end of a hard day slugging through assignments I feel run over by the car, instead of perched against it in a funky, beguiling way blowing bubbles in the sunset.

Choosing the template was another dip into the WordPress world for me, which I think, just gets better all the time. It’s probably never been easier for a writer to have a splash online.

I wanted to change my website to simplify things a bit. Make things easier to find, get rid of a lot of unnecessary words, highlight what I love about my work the most. So, welcome to the new look and the new site. I hope you like it. Warm thanks to Scott Hunt from Hunt Media  for all your patient help!

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