Driving and singing and the playlist we made for us and for you

The other day, when we were driving aimlessly around Ottawa, Brent turned to me and said, “What is the song in the whole world you would most like to hear right now?”

“Jackson,” I replied, obviously.

He quickly found it on Spotify and Johnny Cash and June Carter were there with us. “Well, go on down to Jackson, go ahead and wreck your health. Go play your hand you big-talkin’ man, make a big fool of yourself…”* One song led to another and soon our drive without a goal turned into a sing-a-long.

My theory about why the person who can’t really sing sings louder than the person who can sing, is that the person who can’t sing never has a chance to sing, so when she does have a chance and there’s a pandemic outside, she does it loudly. And who really cares?

On our next pointless drive we also sang and now we have created a Spotify sing-a-long play list we are willing to share with you. If you feel young when you hear it, please know we felt old when we made it. However, some of the songs were old when we were young, so it all evens out.

I made it collaborative, so you can even add your own favourite songs to sing loudly. Please do. Our friends Kris and Alison (see Friendship chapter in The Minister’s Wife) already added to it so generously that I renamed the list to honour them. Here you are. Go and drive around, going nowhere, and have a sing. Brent and Karen and Kris and Alison Driving and Singing During Covid in Different Cars. 

*And awesomely, I now know that June is saying “….make a big fool of yourself…” because I looked it up for this blog post.

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  1. I love this!! Connection is so hard to come by these days. I have added to it and will warmly think of you when listening to it

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