Writing Funny

I had a conversation recently with a fellow writer about being funny. My friend wants to introduce humour into her writing. She’s someone who often writes about heavy, political topics, that don’t easily lend themselves to hilarity. We don’t often chortle over euthanasia, for example. Some things are just funnier than others.

Then, I read a column in the Globe and Mail about last weekend’s Liberal leadership debate. Something, no matter what your political convictions, you wouldn’t necessarily think could be funny writing. And laughed so hard that my breakfast smoothie came out of my nose. I had to run for the paper towel. Columnist Lawrence Martin is making fun of the Liberals and what they shared about themselves in their latest debate. It was truly funny. To me. I try only to make fun of myself in any writing I do. But, really, they kindof brought it on themselves. I’m going to go vacuum now.


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