Working With Friends

Last week Canadian Christian News Service launched in Canada to great fanfare. Just kidding about the fanfare.

Still, the mood was celebratory in three offices in far flung towns and cities. Years ago, I was struck with one of my best ideas ever…to try to work with a writer I really liked, Patricia Paddey. We didn’t know each other very well…but we do now! The very same week I had my brainwave we convinced a Canadian charity to hire two of us for the price of one and we ate chinese food in Toronto bi-weekly for about 18 months (amongst other tasks like working, of course).

We left that posting with a small idea planted in our minds that we have continued to nurture over the years. And that was for an effective, affordable, reliable way for faith-based non-profits (a world in which we both serve and love) to tell their stories to media outlets across the country (a world in which we both serve and love).

We’ve watered that little seed for a few years now, until we finally found the missing piece. The person who could catch our vision, get a word in edgewise, build a website and create a dynamic social media presence around it. That would be John Matthews, who also created this website.

The idea is simple — help good news get to good places — and tucks neatly into all of the work we three already do. All good.


2 thoughts on “Working With Friends”

  1. Congratulations, Karen and Patricia, for your creative thinking and persistence. I’d like to pass this info on and wonder where we can find the pricing and requirements info.

    Many blessings, Krysia

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