White Space in my Head Space

This morning I lay in bed for a few quiet moments before I had to get up and start herding cats (actually, cat singular) to church.

Within that quiet, head on pillow, my mind roamed toward two solutions and one great idea. Yes, I really believe it was a great idea, to do with promotion for our upcoming Art for Refuge show at our church’s art gallery. And the two solutions sprang up seemingly from nowhere to help me solve two writing problems. No, not world problems, but problems in my world.

I was reminded once again of how valuable down time is. You don’t have to be actually laying down of course, for down time (although that’s nice), but just being still and letting your mind rest, roam and romp is great for creative thinking. A must, really. It’s the in-brain equivalent of white space in a magazine. Room to breathe. Space to think. Everything doesn’t seem so overwhelming when there is white space.

By the way, one solution has already turned out to be a dud. But I’m still thankful it popped up so I could give it a try. The one problem I will never solve of course, is getting the same pillowcases on the same bed at the same time.

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