What really sinks a writer’s ship

This week I have encountered two dramatically different reactions from writers being edited.

One response, from a young woman writing a difficult magazine piece, oozed professionalism. Whatever she felt inside, it didn’t leak out. She completed the required revisions in 24 hours and sent them back with a cheery note.

The other response involved huffing, puffing and blowing the whole house down.  I assume there was also stomping of feet, although I can’t swear to that.

I think a writer should defend their work if they feel they are being improperly edited or excessive rewrite demands are placed on them that are out of the ordinary. And it’s not that I have never been defensive. I’m sure I have.

But it’s really best if the tantrum stays mostly on the inside. Go punch a pillow, as an editor friend once told me. That is very good advice for writers, including myself, who want to keep writing.

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