Unexpected pleasures

For a simple trip from Toronto to Halifax, it certainly involved a lot of cancelling, delaying, waiting, boarding, fretting and running. It was easier to fly home from Cambodia. But happily, last in is first out, or so I learned about luggage. I also learned that even, nearing 50, I can still show up with my shirt on inside out.

So far, during this trip to Halifax, I made a point to step inside King’s College Chapel, where Brent and I married 26 years, one month and one week or so ago. It was the same beautiful, dusty, churchy, old, quiet, lovely spot. As I stood there watching the light flow through the old windows, remembering, a young couple walked quietly in. They asked if I worked there. I smiled and said no. They explained they wanted to marry in this very chapel. I told them I already had. And that they definitely should.

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