I’m right in the middle of a collaborative, creative project.

I am taking the supportive role in this one, viewing rough footage of two thought leaders in the simple living and justice movement in conversation with each other.

I jot down what strikes me: themes, jumping points for larger discussions and questions that are intriguing me in the videos. I send those to my project partner who is using them as his own launching pad to create a rough version of a six-part study guide.

He sends that back to me.

Inspired and challenged, I dig even deeper and build it up even further — and then send it back to him. And on we go.

It’s the kind of sequential, tag-team brain-storming that I really enjoy. Neither of us has to start from scratch, but we’re definitely in the kitchen together. It reminds me why I enjoy these types of project so much —working in a team and interacting with material that is rich and varied in order to build something brand new.

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