Taylor Swift’s Writing Advice

“Write in real time.” That was Taylor Swift’s writing advice to 45,000 (mostly girls and women of course) in Toronto’s Rogers Centre last week. Clearly, writing is therapeutic to Swift. She didn’t apologize. And she gave a prescription to her faithful followers: Write what you feel. When you feel it.

For the writing-inclined (and especially for the young and weepy, and I guess the middle-aged and weepy too) writing is a way to understand. You write your way to the truth. Writing is discovery.

If you’re going to publish that though, let it sit for a day or two. Things always read differently after a good night’s sleep and read again with dry eyes.

And, most of us won’t be setting our journals to music anytime soon. But if 90,000 people in one weekend sang along, I’m guessing we probably would.

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