Seven Innovations for a Better World

Seven Innovations for a Better World

This article was featured in The United Church Observer.

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“Innovations are fresh, new, usually exciting and almost always entrepreneurial. Innovations are change for the better. They often start with someone asking the question, “What if?” Or better yet, “Why not?”
And one of the wonderful byproducts of innovations is that they open the window so that even more new and better ways of doing things can fly right in and brighten things up a bit. Farmers, workers, mothers, fathers, girls and boys alike — entire villages — when offered an innovation that makes life better, almost always get innovative themselves. That child studying by the light of a solar-powered lamp in the far reaches of the Amazon might just change the world herself one day. The farmer watering his crops with an affordable new pump starts to look around and dream a bit.
With innovations come new possibilities. Read on to discover seven that are improving life in the developing world right now….”

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