Our neighbours are definitely having more fun

The other night I drifted off to sleep with our neighbour’s party music in one ear and Brent murmuring “The global death toll has now reached 10,000,” in the other. I think our neighbours are definitely having more fun.

I personally don’t want to sit on our balcony and listen to loud music late at night, at least not yet.

But I don’t want them to either, which makes me mean, as well as not as much fun.

But this morning, if they listened closely — we are in a semi-detached house now, after all — they might have heard Holly and I gamely joining in with “Be Thou My Vision” with our church, via Facebook.

It was good to sing. Let’s sing.

4 thoughts on “Our neighbours are definitely having more fun”

  1. Our church sang that song this morning as well. And afterwards I tried to play it on piano. The four sharps version scared me off, but the three flats version wasn’t much better. Our poor neighbours!

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