New Year Writing Resolutions

As a new year of writing begins, it can be helpful to take a few moments and actively plan an approach to expanding writing horizons and going deeper where you already are. My year already includes some fairly hefty projects, including acting as managing editor to a handbook that features essays by thought-leaders in their fields from around the world. It’s already waking me up at night and we’re just getting started.

Here are a few of my writing resolutions as I look ahead to another year of writing and editing:

1. Buy another white-board. Yes, this sounds silly. My white-board is my best writing friend. I make lists of things to do, I keep track, I waste time choosing colours for different projects and I take great satisfaction in wiping it clean every now and then. As my role with Faith Today magazine expands, I’d like to lift our story ideas off the spreadsheet, the confines of which does not open my creative mind in the least, and bring them up on to my walls where I can play with them a bit more.

2. Take a course. Writing effective appeal letters and crafting excellent newsletters for clients require skills that can be easily upgraded and refreshed.

3. Organize my week. With more clients and really fun projects comes a new demand on time. I’ve never formally dedicated partial days to different projects, but rather work through a daily to-do list that usually touches on each one. This year, I’m thinking of more intentionally dividing my week into segments to ensure no one gets left behind….

4. Networking even more with other writers. I enjoy online discussions, but rarely find the time to devote to them. What I love most of all is a good dinner and a deep talk with a group of women writers all around my vintage and roughly in my area. We usually talk about our families first and then move on to a semi-on-purpose topic that relates to our professional writing lives. This year, I want to meet with this group more often.

5. Keep my office clean. I feel better about myself and the entire universe when my office is neat. And it’s usually messy. I vow to change!

6. And of course, join a gym for clear thinking and better biceps. This probably won’t happen.

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