I cannot read through a pandemic

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Once, when I was a kid, my sister burst into my bedroom and yelled at me that my room was on fire. I had placed a rabbit puppet on top of my nightside table reading lamp, and there it smoldered as I read on, page after page, completely oblivious to my burning and beloved toy.

I can read through anything. Or so I thought. But I cannot read through a pandemic. I have picked up and set aside several books. Nothing can capture or keep me. I assumed reading would be my solace, but it is just out of my reach, a promise I cannot quite claim.

Once, when Erik, our oldest son was just a boy, and we had moved from small town to big city to small town again in a span of about four years, he wisely said, “Good, now I will have more time to read.” He was anticipating the emptier hours and longer days available to him just outside of Toronto’s grasp. He was in grade one and reading was already his best friend.

My best friend has moved away. I know she’ll be back, but I really miss her.

9 thoughts on “I cannot read through a pandemic”

  1. You were definitely a reader. I had forgotten about that puppet. You’ll be a reader again. Love u. Ironically me, the non reader, is reading. Go figure

    1. Well, thanks for saving my life. I’m glad you’re reading. Although you probably shouldn’t have told me that. I like to give books to people.

  2. Gail Stewart-Mores

    Thanks Karen, I have been carrying around a book since January that typically I would devour over a weekend. I have 6 on the go on my iPad and cant seem to get past a page or 2.

  3. I’ve been working through my vacation that didn’t happen books. And then my very slow book club suggested a two week time line for a new book. I balked. Fake it till I make it.

  4. I started reading a new book before everything shut down. It is still sitting waiting for me to open it up. My daughter is feeling the same thing, and she is a voracious reader. I was wondering about this. Who knew…. it’s an isolation thing! We are so busy working from home that the down-time is not the same. I look forward to our old normal!

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