Communication lessons from my dad

Today in Nova Scotia my dad Russ is being awarded with a Queen’s Jubilee Medal to recognize his years of volunteerism.

As I think about his big day, which actually makes him cringe with embarrassment because he is a humble guy, I think about the lessons in communication I have learned from my dad over the years, which I think are actually rooted in humility.

  • This is a man who used to sing that Mac Davis Song “Oh lord, it’s hard to be humble, when you’re perfect in every way.” But that was more to get us to laugh than anything else. I think. He has never needed to be an Alpha Communicator, monopolizing conversations or speaking over anybody. So, when he shares his thoughts, people listen.
  • And he listens. My dad will listen to your stories. He genuinely likes to hear about the experience of other people. He’s interested in what others know, what they’ve learned, where they’ve been.
  • He plays with words. My dad is a writer of epic poems of multiple stanzas all geared to enabling you to guess your Christmas present. He spends a fair bit of time on these poems, using pencil, paper and a generous definition of rhyme. He presents them fearlessly. His poems become part of the gift. They remind me that writing is fun. Thanks Dad!


3 thoughts on “Communication lessons from my dad”

  1. Karen you summed up your dad, my Uncle Russell beautifully. I have a favourite memory of a Christmas poem from the year I moved to Alberta. My gift was a stuffed Road Runner and of course the poem was about my moving so far from home. We all know that of course I cried. Love you and your family.

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