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Summer Reading’s Joy

Nothing beats the freedom of summer reading.
One book after another. On the dock, in the hammock, laying down, sitting up, even walking from couch to fridge there is so much time, space and place to read.

Burger King and Writers

There will be no more professional writers in the future. That was the headline for a Globe and Mail story last week, mainly about how free content, e-books and self-publishing are making it almost impossible for authors to make a living. You can read it here.

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The Mess on my Desk

Recently, an Indigo flyer caught my eye, and then my scissors.
It came for Mother’s Day and was an advertisement for the books Mom would love.
But what I loved was its collection of quotes about books and writers. Quotes that I cut out and taped around my writing desk, to make things just that much messier — and that much more inspiring.

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