Faith Today

Good Stories Well Told

Last night I sat in a packed movie theatre in Oshawa watching The Drop Box.
It is, of course, the inspiring story of Pastor Lee Jong-Rak who installs a dropbox in the outside wall of his Seoul home for unwanted babies.

Interviewing a Writing Master

He makes me nervous. I was due to interview Dr. J.I. Packer, renowned theologian, best-selling author, wordsmith extraordinare in two hours when he called me to pleasantly request a brief postponement.
Another hour for me to sweat bullets, sip more tea and worry.

The power of not knowing

The other day I interviewed Reg Bibby, one of Canada’s leading sociologists. It was for a story on why youth leave the Church and why they sometimes stay. What made the interview so remarkable to me wasn’t what Bibby knew, which was a lot,  but what he didn’t know, which was only a little.

karen sudan flight

A funny thing happened

A funny thing happened to me on the way to this website. When I left for my assignment in South Sudan, this site was well on its way to being complete. When I returned, after six days of touring refugee camps and interviewing the people whose lives have been torn apart by a conflict they didn’t make or choose, I lost the ability to write pithy descriptions of the work I do as a writer.

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