J.I. Packer

"I live a day at a time. I hope and pray that I shall be left in this world as long as I can be useful – useful to the Church, to Christian individuals, useful to the glory of God. I have no idea how long that will be."


Andrew White

Vicar of Baghdad
"What we pray for is protection, provision, perseverance and peace. And we have all of that, by God’s grace. We’ve had so many of our people killed. We have lost so many in such tragic circumstances. But despite those terrible things we can still love God and serve God, and love each other and serve each other. So, however awful the situation is, we are still fervent in our prayer and fervent in our hope. We might not have much to give to the rest of the world and give to the rest of the Church, and we are so thankful that so much of the Church remains with us, stands with us and helps us. What we have is love. And we can share that love continually…"

Dave Toycen

Dave Toycen

Former President of World Vision Canada
"I’ve learned to look out for the difference between problems and conditions. Problems can be solved. Conditions can only be mitigated. And I think relational intelligence and a smile are some of the most effective tools in being a human being…"


William Paul Young

Author of The Shack
KS: "Some theologians have loved the book but others not so much. Has there been a point of critique that made you think “If I did it again I would change that one thing?” WPY: "Nope. Because I didn’t write it for the audience. I did it for my children."


Steve Bell

Canadian Musician
"Other crises of faith have been brought on by trips. My first time to Kolkata and Palestine shut me down from writing for long periods of time. I felt I had nothing to say in the face of some of the tragedies I saw. I have a First Nations foster daughter. I’ve gotten a clearer picture of how brutal this society can be if you are not in the mainstream. If you look at the wounds that colonial Christianity inflicted on First Nations people, you have to ask, Is there a fatal flaw in this faith? That’s the kind of thing that gnaws at me at 3 o’clock in the morning…"


Andrew Bennett

Canada’s Office of Religious Freedom
"We’re talking about places where they are being tortured, imprisoned, killed. It’s not my office’s role to comment on the situation in Quebec. There are a number of people in the Government of Canada who have spoken out regarding the Charter of Values. It’s proper that other parts of the government should address that conversation. We are able to advance religious freedom overseas as Canadians because we have religious freedom in Canada."


Iwan Russell-Jones

"For me, it’s something very basic. It’s about being a human being in which the imagination plays such an important role. It’s an amazing thing to be a human being, to listen, to see, to feel, to touch, taste. All of this is part of our humanity. The imagination is absolutely tied in with all of this, the ability to conjure up things. We may be sitting on a park bench in the middle of a city and we close our eyes and we’re in the Alps, or the mountains of B.C., or the beach. This is a phenomenal aspect of what it means to be a human being…"