My interview with Write from the Deep about my new book, The Minister's Wife

My interview with Girls 4 Greatness about choosing to live authentically

My interview on the Quick to Listen podcast from Christianity Today, about religious life in Canada.


I host the Podcast of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. Here are some favourite recent episodes.

Being Church and Neighbour in the Pandemic

An interview with Preston Pouteaux, author, beekeeper and pastor of Lake Ridge Community Church in Chestermere, Alberta.

The Power of Mentoring

Doug Ward shares insights from his new book co-authored with Sharon Simmonds, Great Mentoring For Real Life Change.

The State of Religion in Canada

Researchers Rick Hiemstra of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and Sam Reimer of Crandall University unpack the (sometimes surprising) results of a 2019 survey of religiosity in Canada.

Craft, Cost & Call

Inspiring and immensely readable, Craft, Cost & Call offers hands-on help to people of faith who want to write well and understand what it takes to be published.

Is Jordan Peterson's work compatible with Christianity?

A conversation held at Timothy Eaton Memorial Church in Toronto with Faith Today's Karen Stiller and Wycliffe College's Ephraim Radner.

Leith Anderson of the NAE

An Interview with Leith Anderson, retiring president of the National Association of Evangelicals in the US. Anderson shares his analysis and hopes for a movement challenged on many fronts, but standing strong.

The Common Rule: Habits of Purpose for an Age of Distraction. An Interview with Justin Earley

We speak to the author of the popular book The Common Rule, to understand the spiritual practices he recommends as we attempt to live our faithful lives.

What is it Like to be a Pastor's Wife?

My podcast with a group who helps minister’s wives.

The spirituality of writing, and how to get started

My interview with fellow writer Mark Buchanan, a beloved Canadian Christian author and professor at Ambrose University.

What are we called to do in these times?

My interview with Anna Robbins, president of Acadia Divinity College.

Interview with Max Lucado

My podcast with Max Lucado on writing, Donald Trump and how God's promises hold strong, even in tough times.

When sexual misconduct hits the Church

My interview with David Martin about sexual harassment in the Church.

Renegotiating Faith

An interview with Rick Hiemstra about the youth and faith research.

Faith and Vocation

My interview with Regent College professor and author Steve Graber about faith and vocation.

Healing Churches

My interview with Russ Parker on the hard path churches must walk through listening, confession and reconciliation.

How to take care of ourselves for spiritual wellness

An interview with Sharon Ramsey, a registered psychotherapist / marriage and family therapist in Toronto.