“The Very Best Years are Not Behind Us” in The United Church Observer

As it turns out, all the little old ladies were right. When my kids were really young and I would be dripping with sweat trying to wrestle someone into a snowsuit in a public place, it seemed that there was always a kind older woman acting as both witness and prophet. She’d watch me for a moment, smile fondly and tell me that these were the best years of my life, and they would just fly by. Then she’d stroll away into her day of speaking in complete sentences and thinking in full thoughts, pushing her portable rolling cart full of library books she could read uninterrupted. She probably also got to use the washroom whenever she desired.

I didn’t believe the ladies then. Now, I’m starting to…

“Bible Study Gone Bad” in The United Church Observer

There once was a woman who joined a Bible study I helped lead. I’m certain she had never been to a group like ours before. In this gathering of nice ladies, I wondered if she felt as out of place as she appeared to be, with her tattoos, biker shirts and stories of her daughter in trouble at school again.

Sometimes, between studies, I’d see her in the next aisle at the grocery store as I grabbed milk and bread. I avoided her, because I was almost always in a hurry and she felt like so much work…

“On Turning Middle-aged” in The United Church Observer

So, maybe I’m not going to be a rock star after all. Or sit on a couch with Oprah looking great and chuckling about my novel. I have come to realize that acceptance is part of being in one’s 40s. Coming to terms with what your life actually is compared to what you thought it might be, working through those feelings and then, hopefully, pulling your holey argyle socks up and moving along.

“A Sign From Above” in The United Church Observer

Our bed, which I had just made, was stripped bare of all linens, which were then heaped into a corner of our bedroom; a trunk where I store extra linens was dumped out all over the landing. Brent’s underwear was secured into a Rubbermaid container filled with water, and the toothbrushes were buried in a mountain of shaving cream. I found my bra in the freezer…