I am a freelance editor and writer whose work has appeared in publications like The Walrus, Reader’s Digest, Faith Today, and In Trust. I am a senior editor with Faith Today magazine, partner with Canadian Christian News Services, and moderator of the 2016, 2017 and 2018 God, Science and the Universe debates at the University of Toronto. I love writing about social justice and about how small life changes add up to big world changes. I love to tell the stories of ordinary people, who are — of course —never ordinary at all.

I also help to bring the right words to campaigns that raise awareness and funds for causes that matter — like fighting malnutrition in the developing world; expanding a non-profit’s facilities so a community can be better served; and raising awareness about the urgent needs of the environment and Canada’s role in protecting it.

My clients include World Vision Canada, World Wildlife Fund Canada, Langham Partnership Canada and other non-profits looking to wrap the right words around the best message. The projects I work on can range from the tiniest of tweets to the longest of reports — and all the newsletters, appeal letters, speeches, brochures, scripts, articles, website copy and ads in-between. Words matter.


Warm Words From Others

“Religious journalism is too often the refuge of the mediocre, the mushy, or the mean. Karen Stiller is none of those. Her writing invariably describes something important with an impressive balance of research and opinion, curiosity and critique, seriousness and verve. Only good stuff, ever, from her.” John Stackhouse, author and theology professor.

“Karen is profoundly talented at making content relevant for the audience without losing her voice. She is an incredible writer who always manages to make me laugh out loud. The fact she also meets deadlines makes her an editor’s dream.” Kristy Woudstra, online editor, Today’s Parent

“We regularly turn to Karen for writing because she is a talented, experienced, expert and versatile communicator who delivers on time, and with little fuss or bother. But her other qualities are also crucial to us. We can trust her to interact with clients, and with their stakeholders in a way that reflects well on us. So we can assign complex and sensitive work to Karen. She also adds value as a professional: by engaging her, we not only meet deadlines, we produce better work, enriched by her insights. Further, her spirit of discovery and interest in people make her a formidable interviewer. Finally, our projects call for a writer who can discern the narrative and thematic threads in materials and interviews, and from those craft something that is fresh, authentic and compelling. Few can do that, but Karen can. I unreservedly recommend Karen Stiller to anyone seeking a true collaboration that enhances the impact of their communications project.” Larry Matthews, KMA Consultants

“Karen Stiller wields a delightfully poignant pen.” Jamie McIntosh, World Vision Canada

“Generally, she’s awesome.” Brent Stiller, cheeky husband

“Karen Stiller is a proven A-list writer with a keen eye for the ethical and spiritual dimensions in stories that other writers overlook, and a God-given talent for turning just the right phrase at just the right time.” David Wilson, editor, The United Church Observer

I try to avoid having to read things that are boring and irrelevant. Things that are boring but relevant I can get through; things that are interesting but irrelevant can easily waste my time. But Karen Stiller’s writing is consistently compelling and relevant. In my life, that makes her work always worth reading.” John Bowen, Wycliffe College

“I’m always impressed by Karen Stiller’s writing. She is quick, thoughtful and does her homework. Karen manages to convey facts, as well as emotions and illustrations, in a very effective way; her ability to capture the voice and heart of a person is exceptional. Most importantly, when Karen’s involved it gets done.” Dave Toycen, past-president of World Vision Canada

Writing Awards along the way

A. C. Forrest Memorial Award for excellence in socially conscious religious journalism, honourable mention 2016,  for “Safely into the arms of Jesus.”

Word Awards, First place Books (Culture) for Shifting Stats (World Vision, 2015)

Word Awards, First place Books (Culture) for Evangelicals Around the World, a global handbook for the 21st century (Thomas Nelson, 2015)

Canadian Church Press, 2016. First place for Interview, Margaret Somerville.

Canadian Church Press, 2014. Third place for best blog, “Awkward Interview Moments

A.C. Forrest Memorial Award for excellence in socially conscious religious journalism, for “A Visit to the World’s Newest Country,” Faith Today, 2012.

Canadian Church Press, 2010. Second place for Interview, “Inspired by the Persecuted Church: Glenn Penner” by Karen Stiller

Canadian Church Press, 2009. First Place for Best Department in Magazine, “Homefront,” by Karen Stiller

Canadian Church Press, 2009. First Place for Interview,”Freedom is an Incremental Process: An Interview with the author of The Shack,” by Karen Stiller

Canadian Church Press, 2008. Best Feature. Honourable Mention. Women Alive, “Uncovering the Secret” Editor: Karen Stiller

Canadian Church Press, 2008. Magazine Department. Second Place. Faith Today, Kingdom Matters. Authors: Karen Stiller, Bill Fledderus, Emily Wierenga

Canadian Church Press, 2008. Magazine Department. Third Place. Women Alive, A Woman You Should Meet. Writer/Editor: Karen Stiller

Canadian Church Press, 2008. Service Journalism. Honourable Mention. Women Alive, “Secrets to Biblical Hospitality” Writer/Editor: Karen Stiller

Canadian Church Press, 2004. General Excellence Magazines and Journals. First Prize Faith Today, Editors: Karen Stiller, Gail Reid, Bill Fledderus

The Word Guild, Word Award, 2012. First Place: Long Article for Hemmoraghing Faith: Why They’re Leaving, Faith Today

The Word Guild, Word Award, 2012. First Place: Short Article for Canadian Women are International Leaders (with Bill Fledderus), Faith Today

The Word Guild Canadian Christian Writing Awards, 2011. Award of Merit for Going Missional in Book: Christian Leadership and Book: Culture

The Word Guild Canadian Christian Writing Awards, 2008. First Place: Karen Stiller for “How Green is Your Conscience?” & “Rebel with a Cause” Childview/Enfants du monde